W3AM Presents:

Great AM Radio Audio Chains on Parade!

Here are some pictures of AM broadcast audio processing chains from stations where the engineering departments were totally possessed. The golden age of home-brewed multi-band Top-40 audio chains!

WHBQ, Memphis - 1978 (RKO)

The Legendary "Kanner Box" from the take-no-prisoners mind of RKO Audio Director Bob Kanner at KHJ/KRTH. Copies/variations of this system were in place at all RKO AM stations from the early 70's thru the 80's. This dominated every market it ever played in, and inspired the designs of many of the multi-band processing systems now in common use everywhere. Then-C.E. Chris Karb made this sing like no other. 15 compressor/limiters in series/parallel, all for just one mono channel! Sounded much better than it looked! (Rick Dees talked thru this...)

WGMS, Washington, D.C. - 1977 (RKO)

Classical Gas!

(Poor Ludwig Van never knew what hit him!)

WNBC, New York - 1984

Kahn AM Stereo!

A little something I threw together while working at the home of Imus, Stern, Soupy Sales, Joey Reynolds, et. al.

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